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About TCC

Hello and Welcome to our den, 

Formed on the 11th Day of August 2007, Tigers Cricket Club (TCC), Japan aims at building a friendly social atmosphere whilst playing enjoyable yet competitive cricket and above all winning.

TCC offers an opportunity to enjoy cricket here in the Far East with like minded individuals, which makes the art of playing cricket all the more enjoyable.

The club also has an active social side, occasionally having weekend family oriented get- togethers, hanami get-togethers and also elaborate parties. (Year End Party etc.)

TCC currently has around twenty five active members hailing from various parts of Tokyo and Kanagawa. As we step into our 9th year of competitive cricket (in 2016), we hope to grow further and finish top at the championships like JCL Div-1, JCL Div-2, Japan Cup, KCL etc.   



  1. 2015 - Japan Cricket League Division-2 Champions.  (2015-Glimpses

 Our club has been sponsored by State Bank of India (SBI) Tokyo Branch, Japan.

Through this web site you will get more information about our members, our schedule and other information regarding our club.

If you wish to sponsor/join our club, then please contact us for details.


More latest updates at TigersCC-Facebook Page

Hail the Tigers!