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[2015] Match updates JCL Division 2

Sunday 26 April, 2015

[Round -2] vs Chiba Sharks -2nd XI @ Fuji-1 on 25th April

Match Report

   Today was a historic day for Tigers Club where we have played our first match in Japan Cricket League (JCL) and we have started with a win which we are sure will take us to the peaks of this tournament. 
We had our Div2 second round match with Chiba sharks and we have won for 3 wickets in ~19 overs. 
We lost the toss early in morning and was sent to field first by the opponents. The start was good with not giving much runs and we got first wicket in 4th over by a very good catch by Joe on Salam's ball. Very good bowling performance by Bala (3/19) and Prasanth Pooyath (4/13) made the opponents all out for mere score of 84 in a 40 over match.
A target of 85 in 40 overs was not expected to be a threatening one for Tigers but as we were just in the first match of the season and a very good swing bowling from the opening bowlers of Sharks put us into a difficult situation of 7/57 from 3/50. We lost 4 crucial wickets for just 7 runs which took the match to Sharks as only 3 wickets left and still 28 runs required. 3/50 was a comfortable stage which we achieved with some temperament batting done by Rajeev and rest mostly contributed from extras by the Sharks bowlers. 
28 runs required from almost 28 overs with 3 wickets in hand was when Joe and Ragesh made the winning partnership to survive some nervy moments and finishing off the match on 19th over. Ragesh (15 not out), Rajeev (13) and Joe (11 not out) contributed on chasing down the target to seal the match for tigers.
Also the keeping by Nikhil was above expectation and requires a special mention. It was a good team performance and a bright start for the season and lets keep improving as all can clearly see the area of improvements scattered on almost all areas of the match....... Just noting down for everyone to work upon the same...
  • We gave some extras which we could have avoided - Not too much but still some
  • Fielding positions we need to give more attentions as those inside the field has to be in a position to stop the singles and take the catches.... since there was no 30 yard circles and all, its the individual's call to position yourself appropriately on the allocated position to ensure the assigned task is achieved. Those are outside 30 yard has to stop the boundaries and ensure you position accordingly.... 
  • Catches we missed some but I guess we will improve as we advance into the season
  • Batting is always our improvement area and saving wickets when required, we have failed to achieve in this match but as we have won the match... its the positive part we need to take and get more confident to dominate the upcoming matches as a batting unit. 

Full score card


Excellent show Tigers and lets maintain the winning streak continued !!

[Round -1] vs Wyverns -2nd XI @ Fuji-1 on 11th April

 Match has been postponed due to bad weather